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Waterfront Bicycle Shop

Visit us on the Hudson River @ Christopher Street

ALL DAY BIKE RENTAL $20.00 FALL SPECIAL  (Rate is for a full business day  which is from opening until closing)

New York's Waterfront Bicycle Shop is located in the West Village, NYC. This area of Manhattan is "off the grid". The crisscrossing mostly unnumbered streets and historic brick homes give this neighborhood an undeniable charm. Many people end up in the area en route to the Hudson River Park, the 550-acre park the city built in the late 90's at cost of $340 million. This green oasis is only a portion of the larger Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, a tree lined bike path and park that circles the island. Leave the city center and come visit the park! The bike shop is at the end of Christopher street on the waterfront.

Our products and services include

- Bike rentals
- Drop off bicycle tune ups and other in depth repairs and maintenance.
- On the spot bicycle repairs
- A large selection of bike parts and accessories

Hudson River Park / Bike ShopNew York's Waterfront Bike Shop Storefront